Vermaelen struggling with Roma

Former Arsenal defender Thomas Vermaelen is currently struggling with Roma. He has come under intense criticism from his own fans for his poor performance in recent games for the Italian side.

To be fair, the former Arsenal defender is just back from a severe injury, and it is natural that he appeared a bit rusty in his performance.

However, it is his mistakes at the back that allowed Sampdoria to score goals and win an important game. Indeed the defeat allowed Juventus to take a four points lead in the title race and also place Roma under pressure from Napoli.

Thomas Vermaelen admitted that his performance was poor that day but said that he would need time in order to progress. He said that he was not supposed to play in this game as he had yet to return to full fitness but it is because of an injury to the first team player that he was placed on the team.

The Belgium international has asked fans to support him as it has been a difficult season for him. He said that he is working hard in training in order to get back to his best level and he is determined to play for Roma again.

He believes that the team can still challenge for the title and it is up to the fans to remain behind the team. He said that there is a good spirit in the team and that the players believe that the team can challenge for the title.

Thomas Vermaelen said that he is happy playing in Italy and that he is interested in extending his contract with the Italian side. He stated that discussion is currently going on with the team and that an announcement about his future will soon be made.