Vermaelen wants to play again

Thomas Vermaelen said that he is desperate to play regularly and that he wants to win his place back in the first team.

The Roma defender stated that he has been enjoying a poor season so far where he has suffered numerous injuries, but he feels that he is getting better.

The former Arsenal player said that there is nothing worst for a footballer to find your teammates enjoying themselves on the pitch while you are watching from the stand. He stated that he is a competitive player and that he always wants to be on the pitch fighting for his team.

Indeed Thomas Vermaelen has suffered many injuries ever since he made a move to Roma and he feels that it is high time that he gets a good run in the team.

The Belgium defender said that he also wants to get back into the national team but that he will need first to regain his form. The national coach said that Vermaelen is a great defender with a lot of experience and that he will love to have him back in the team. However, he will first need to get regular playing time before he can select him as a first team player.

The Roma defender said that he would work hard in training so as to win his place back in the Italian club. He believes that it will take some time now as he has been out for so long. The Roma coach said that he is happy to see Vermaelen so determined and that the medical staff is doing everything they can to help him recover his fitness.

He believes that as soon as the player get some regular playing time, he will be able to regain his form much faster.