Thomas Vermaelen Being Pursued By Juventus

Thomas Vermaelen, the former Arsenal captain and defender are being looked at by Juventus for a possible inclusion in their team. Though summer moves are coming up, this proposal has come in early. Thomas has not been featured much since he joined the Gunners team in 2014. He is currently a Barcelona defender. He has made only eleven appearances in La Liga till now.

Thomas has suffered injuries as well. The first season that he joined Nou Camp he suffered a strain in the thigh. He has also been struggling with his performance this term as he tried to dislodge the pairing between Gerard Pique and Javier Macherano. However, things may be looking up for him now.

Juventus is looking to contact him in Barca and discuss a summer move. However the club has also targeted to win over Mehdi Benatia who is part of the Bayern Munich’s team. Vermaelen has played 150 times in five seasons when he was with Arsenal. He became club captain in the final years when Robin van Persie moved to Manchester United.

For fans of Thomas this is an exciting opportunity for them to see him in a new role. If the move happens, they will see him in new appearances for Juventus. The former Arsenal captain is sure to want to get back to winning roles after he has been in the background for quite some time. Many players often find their fates have turned round by changing clubs and many fans are wishing the same for Thomas. It all depends on whether the move to Juventus takes place. Thomas might also get other offers and hence, coming summer will surely see him moving on and changing roles to take his career to new heights before he retires.