Vermaelen’s career at Barcelona is getting demolished due to injuries

Thomas Vermalen signed a 5 year long contract with Barcelona on August of 2014 but the Belgium defender has not managed to make a single league appearance for his new club due to a recurring hamstring injury.

A few weeks ago, Vermaelen was seen in the training grounds with the rest of his teammates of Barcelona and it was rumored that the player was going to be featured for the remaining matches of the season but the 29 year old defender still has not made a league appearance for the team of Luis Enrique.

This isn’t the first time that Vermalen has had to sit on the sidelines of a club for a significantly long period of time as this has occurred in the past when he was a player of Arsenal and was not able to play for a large amount of matches due to consistent injuries.

€15 million is the price that Barcelona had to pay in order to sign Thomas Vermaelen from Arsenal and this is a very high amount of money for a player who still has not performed in a competitive match since having been signed. Continue reading Vermaelen’s career at Barcelona is getting demolished due to injuries

Thierry Henry quits from Football

Thierry Henry finally called it a day after entertaining the whole world with his magical soccer skills for a period of almost two decades.

The Frenchman would now make his way to England where he would be working as an analyst for the official broadcaster of the Premier League.

Henry must be really satisfied with his achievements as a player. There would hardly have been anything that he did not do on the football pitch. Any young player coming up would dream to have a career like him.

Henry used to intimidate the opposition back line with his presence especially in the in the late years of the last decade when he was in his prime playing for the Gunners.

And, the thing which separates Henry from some of the other great footballers is that he has left football on a high.

There have been some greats in the past who continued their career until they hit the rock bottom, but, not Henry.

Whichever club Henry went to, he happened to be successful. Yes, a few months that he spent at Juventus in 1999, that might not be his best, but, if that is barred, he served each and every club, that he was a part of, magnificently well.

Most of Henry’s success came during his stay at the Emirates Stadium. The French legend shook the net 228 times in different tournaments for Arsenal and to date; there is nobody who has scored more goals than that in the Gunners’ shirt.

Henry had great careers at Barcelona and New York Red Bulls too, but, he would be remembered by the Football fraternity as an Arsenal legend.

Henry also played more than 100 matches for Les Blues. His last international appearance was in 2010 versus South Africa.