Luciano Spalletti reckons the journalists are trying to put cracks in the Roma camp by repeatedly raising the point of Francesco Totti’s exclusion from the starting XI. As per Spalletti, he has already explained that he is being a little cautious about his skipper due to his injury which has healed not a long back.

But, despite his explanation, every press conference he attends, most of the questions thrown to him are based on Totti only and that’s why he wonders if it’s done with some sort of deliberation, maybe to cause a rift or something.

In Spalletti’s view, there are so many positives to talk about at Roma at this point, but, nobody is interested in that and rather all the interest is on a single player which is irritating.

Spalletti said, “Totti is top notch. I don’t think you can argue that. His legacy will remain forever, but, could Roma have clinched any title in the world had it been only for him? No, never. You can’t be a winner all by yourself in Football. If you play the new fruit machines online at Fruity Reels, maybe you can do it on your own, but football? No. You need the team and since it is about the team, everything related to the team should be talked about and not just the one player.”

“I don’t refuse to acknowledge his contribution. I have already said he is top notch. But, why I am disappointed is that you are not putting enough attention to the other good things at Roma and are bothered about him only. I am not sure if any of the journalists has any interest in the investments the chairman has made to make this club more solid than before. Do you ever mention that? No, but, the name of Totti comes in almost every question that is asked to me.”