Vermaelen’s season has been limited to only a few numbers of appearances and this due to the fact that the Belgian defender is being eclipsed by the partnership that Per Mertesacker and Koscielny have formed throughout the entire campaign.

The lack of playing time has sparked a series of rumors involving Vermaelen wanting to leave Arsenal by the end of the current season when his contract expires.

Koscielny picked up an injury which has allowed Vermaelen on getting more playing time in the last few matches and Wenger stated that this is the chance for the Belgian defender to prove that he deserves a spot in his starting XI.

“We know Thomas has paid a heavy price for having Laurent and Per who worked well together. But he has an opportunity to show how good he is and I’m sure he will take it.” Wenger said.


The future of Vermaelen remains uncertain as he was close to signing with Napoli a few months ago and it does not look like his situation at the Emirates Stadium is going to change anytime soon but even though he is not going through the best of times with Wenger and Arsenal, he still wants the French coach to continue his role at the club.

“Everybody wants him to stay as long as he can. He’s been incredible what he’s done for this club and for the players as well. We would be really happy for him signing on for a few more years’’.

“The spirit is unbelievable in the team. We’ve worked a lot on our team shape and everybody knows their role in the team, everybody’s working for each other and that’s because there is a great team spirit. That’s the great improvement for us this season’’. Vermaelen said.

Depending on how Arsenal performs during the remaining matches of the Premier League and the FA Cup, it will be the deciding factor on whether or not Wenger remains in charge of Arsenal.